Pictures & Videos of the sale heifers
More will be added until the start of the sale

Fresh milkers selling in the German Masters Sale 2021
Lot 1. Hellender Therese
Lot 2. Wilt Eve P *RC
Lot 3. Milksource Unix Chassy
Lot 4. Budjon Denver Daisy
Lot 5. Lis Osetta
Lot 6. WEH Layla
Lot 7. Genesis Messi Red
Lot 8. Milksource Annelise
Lot 8. Milksource Annelise
Lot 9. Wilcor Denver Illinois *RC
Lot 10. SH Mirand O’Kity Red
Lot 11. WR Unstopabull Mael Red
Lot 12. MS Unix Gold Lady
Lot 13. Siepermanns Chief Love
Lot 14. Mattenhof Tatoo Haisha VG-85-CH 2yr.
Lot 14. Mattenhof Tatoo Haisha VG-85-CH 2yr.
Lot 14. Mattenhof Tatoo Haisha VG-85-CH 2yr.
Lot 15. MS Arrow Gala
Lot 16. Mattenhof Unix Gaiana VG-86-DE 2yr.
Lot 18. MS Tropic Goal
Lot 19. Evolution Haniko Skytime
Lot 20. PrismaGen Polled Parade PP *RC
Lot 21. SFH Sheila PP Red
Lot 22. STB Haland Delta P Red
Lot 23. Gold Chip Africa
Lot 24. MS KD Dassani *RC
Lot 25. GPH Lotto Andrea Red
Lot 27. MVB Texas Red
Lot 29. NH DG Palina VG-85-DE 2yr.
Lot 30. NH Soraya GP-84-DE 2yr
Lot 31. WR Desira VG-85-DE 2yr.
Lot 32. Faible
Lot 33. NH GL Granita
Lot 36. NH Atalanta
Lot 37. NH Sunview Marie
Lot 38. NH DG Zamara
Lot 38. NH DG Zamara
Lot 38. UDDER NH DG Zamara
Lot 40. NH DG Lambda Zoey
Lot 41. Liddlehome Livorno Red
Lot 42. Destiny HAM Lazise *RC
Lot 43. Mox Bellissimo Red
Lot 44. SH Cookie Red
Lot 45. Milksource Tyler Red
Lot 48. Colton Esperanza
Lot 48. UDDER Colton Esperanza
Lot 50. STB El Paso
Lot 53. WR Baccara Red
Lot 54. Sudena SfH Rosalie *RC
Lot 57. Wilder Home VG-85-DE 2yr.
Lot 58. HET SC Charlene
Lot 58. HET SC Charlene VG-87-DE 2yr.
Lot 59. Wilder Moline Charlina
Lot 60. Wilder Manhattan Caisy
Lot 61. RN Logistics Tahaya
Lot 62. MS Ladina
Lot 63. HSG Lots of Love
Lot 64. Budjon Sidekick Baywatch
Lot 66. Loh TJ NH Anna *RC
Lot 67. NM Thunder Africa *RC
Lot 68. Mattenhof Silvanie Red
Lot 71. WIT Daiquiri
Lot 72. BWN Moovin Manon *RC
Lot 74. NH Evolution Starlight P Red
Lot 73. HAM Hot Girl *RC
Lot 75. NH Evolution Sunshine Red P
Lot 76. PH Money Riley Red
Lot 77. Eaton Glamourview Lynn *RC
Lot 79. Mirand Africa P Red
Lot 80a. Riebli’s Avalanche Twinkle *RC
Lot 80b. Riebli’s Avalanche Takeoff-Red
Lot 81. ZEG Evita
Lot 84. BuLa Gladius Parade P *RC
Lot 85. PrismaGen Glad to be Polled P
Lot 86. Lis Selma
Lot 87. Wilcor Emily Red
Lot 88. SCH Jordy Bella Red
Lot 90. FG Neveda Red
Lot 91. MD-West-View HAM Biene
Lot 93. NM Sidekick Julia
Lot 94. NH Azzopardi Zazzle Madame
Lot 95. HIN Daydream *RC
Lot 96. NH Evolution Moncleur
Lot 99. Son Twitch Arizona P
Lot 101. GPH Radar Hazienda
Lot 104. 1st Choice Shakira
Jacobs HAM Sweet
Lot 104. 1st Choice Shakira
Jacobs HAM Sunshine
Lot 104. 1st Choice Shakira
Jacobs HAM Sunday
Lot 104. 1st Choice Shakira
Lot 105. MS Unix Sunday
Lot 102. Pine-Tree Easy Rider
Lot 106. NH Lambda Bonacera
Lot 108. BWN Upgrade June
Lot 109. Lohmann Rosylane P *RC
Lot 111. Eatonholme Beyoncé *RC
Lot 114. Wilder Kayden Red
Lot 115. THI Gabriella Red
Lot 116. KNS Sputnik Defender
Lot 117. Regan-Danhof Cash Cow
Lot 122. HAM Silon Nashville
Lot 125. Riethil Vanity
Lot 126. NH DG America P
Lot 128. NH Moovin Asher *RC
Lot 129. BH Warrior Metallica P Red
Lot 132. Eaton Denver Baby Brittany
Lot 133. SH Sidekick Salta
Lot 136A. Hellender Denver Oakley
Lot 136b. Hellender Denver Olivia
Lot 137. Wilcor Chief Lovely
Lot 138. Giessen HAM Gala
Lot 139. NH Olala Red
Lot 140. SCH Absolute Rexana Red
Lot 142. NH Lambda Mona