The German Masters Sale 2022, held on Friday, October the 21st, has been a very successful edition with a 100% clearance over the 149 lots in the sale, buyers from 12 different countries and a tremendous atmosphere in the RUW Auctionhall in Fließem Germany.

German Masters Sale statistics:

Sale organization German Masters Sale 2022: Nosbisch Holsteins, Eurogenes & RUW

Total lots in sale:  149
Clearance rate: 100%

129 livelots, 1st choices & IVF sessions averaged: EUR 6.458
20 embryopackages averaged: EUR 2.770 / per embryo package

Buyers from 12 different countries:  Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain & USA

Online bidding: 26% of the lots sold online (Farmersbid)
All lots and prices per lot can be found here: (click here

Nosbisch Holsteins    +49 (0)1714368388      nici_nosbisch@web.de
Torben Melbaum        +49 (0)17661303019    tm@bullseyegenetics.de
Eurogenes                    +31 (0)643985150        avdvlis@eurogenes.nl
Eurogenes                    +31 (0)652897333        escholten@eurogenes.nl
Eurogenes                    +31 (0)625566674        luineken@eurogenes.nl
RUW                              +49 (0)1725353691      umueller@ruweg.de